For over 20 years, Orville has continually provided excellent service to me as an independent record producer and label head.  He has a vast knowledge of the entertainment industry and its legal system and has always been available to me when needed. Orville is an insightful and helpful individual who I will continue to use in the future and more importantly he is a friend.

James Stroud

I’ve known and worked with Orville for over 20 years and I think he’s one of the best, most thorough and professional attorneys in the music business. He’s also a pleasure to deal with, whether he’s beating up on me or negotiating on my company’s behalf. And, although he provides tremendous attention to detail, he never loses sight of the big picture. Orville’s awesome!

Bruce D. Scavuzzo
Senior Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs
EMI Music Publishing

Having spent better than ten years in the music business, I've learned nothing is more important to an artist’s career than great music and great legal representation. There are a lot of good attorneys in Nashville but Orville Almon is more than a good attorney. He is a true representative of the artists he works with. He has an impeccable reputation for doing things right. He has been my attorney since I started and he will be until I'm done.
Craig Morgan
Recording Artist/Songwriter/Producer

My experience with Orville is that not only do I get expert, well informed advice; it is also delivered in a calm, non-emotional way that instills a confidence to his opinion. I have found that decisions made without ego or emotion usually have the best results. Orville is a master at this.
Tom Morales
TomKats, Inc.

As president of our independent publishing, production and artist management company for the past eleven years, I've had to wear both creative and business hats.  Orville has handled our entertainment law and business affairs from day one, allowing me to focus on the thing that matters most--the music.  He always amazes me with his broad knowledge of every aspect of our industry, and has a great balance of drafting and negotiating skills.  His counsel is both calming and passionate.  I am always glad that he is on our side of the table, and I know that he represents our company with integrity.

Daniel Hill
Cal IV Entertainment

As a client of Orville’s for 20 plus years, I can say he’s an honest, ethical attorney who has taken care of my interests in many different types of contracts and ventures in a proficient manner. Any legal entertainment or business questions I, or my staff have, Orville is the first call we make.

Byron Gallimore

Orville Almon has been an integral part of our company's growth over the past 7 years. Major publishers and record companies have legal departments...we have Orville. He has helped us transition from Joint Venture to Independent Publisher to Record Company providing great legal counsel and expert drafting and negotiating skills.  I don't know where we would be without him.

Chris DuBois
Sea Gayle Music
Co-Owner & Manager/Songwriter

Having been counseled and well-served by him since 1979 on professional and music/media/entertainment matters, I can state confidently and unequivocally that Orville Almon is eminently qualified to handle the biggest deals and the most sensitive negotiations. Orville’s discernment and discretion are exceeded only by his loyalty to his client. He listens more than he speaks, which is one of Orville’s secrets to understanding fully not just the “deal points,” but the tone his client wants to adopt. I know to a certainty that, in at least one preliminary discussion with a potential business partner, simply dropping Orville Almon’s Music Row-credentialed name has enhanced my negotiating position. Now that’s real clout!

Music producer, Syndicator/Host of weekly In The Studio national radio show
Dallas , TX

Orville Almon has been my attorney for the better part of my career in the entertainment industry, and I'm also proud to be able to call him a friend. One of the best in the business, he is as savvy as they come but he also truly cares about his clients. You get the good news AND the bad news with equal doses of compassion and honesty, he will always "tell it like it is." In any negotiation, I'm glad he's sitting on MY side of the table!

Sherrie Austin

Orville has been my counsel since I 1st needed counsel...since 1986. There is no one better...’nuff said.

Pete Anderson
Producer, Guitarist, Label owner (Little Dog Records)


Musically speaking, the Kentucky Headhunters have lived a charmed and sometimes reckless life, always jumping the fence into blues, rock, southern rock and country pastures. Through our twenty-two years in the record business, Orville Almon has led us through many a storm and helped us be all styles of music we wanted to be. Orville possesses the ability to speak the music devil’s words in laymen’s terms for those of us without a law degree to understand loud and clear. Above all he is a dear and trusted friend.

Richard Young
Kentucky Headhunters

Orville Almon has been in my corner for the past twenty five plus years. Not only is he one of America's top entertainment attorneys, Orville is a loyal friend and confidante. My professional and personal life would be greatly diminished without him.

Wally Wilson
Skyline Publishing
Skyville Records
Skyhigh Promotions

My clients, who are music professionals, and for whom I act as personal and general business counsel, have been served well by the advice and services of Orville Almon.  I have worked with Orville for many years on a wide variety of issues and he has always “taken care of business” in a highly competent and professional manner.  His direct approach, willingness to consider and accept input, insightful analysis, patience with questions and sense of humor are greatly appreciated.  He has unfailingly respected my views and my relationship with my clients.  Without question, Orville is the right choice for anything related to entertainment law.

Frank S. Puccio, Jr., Esq.
Burns & Farrey, Boston, MA

Orville Almon has always been a joy to work with. He understands the creative process and its value in the business. I can always rely on him for sound, measured advice and counsel. I've enjoyed working with Orville for many years and integrity has always been at the heart of his practice. We are proud to be represented by someone who loves music just as much as he loves the business of music.

Robert Ellis Orrall
Songwriter/Fixation Music Inc.

Orville is a first class attorney and gentleman. He is also a tireless advocate for his clients. I have dealt with Orville both personally and professionally, and enthusiastically attest to his skills in each setting.

Hank Adam Locklin
(Interim Executive Director/Alabama Music Hall of Fame & Museum)

Orville has been my attorney for 20 years. I've never had any reason to go somewhere else to seek other representation. I have always trusted Orville as a business partner and as a person.

Michael Knox

The music business is in a massive transition right now, and having Orville counsel, negotiate, and protect our company over the years has been a huge advantage, as I have been trying to navigate through the changing landscape. There isn't an attorney I know in this town that doesn't have the utmost respect for Orville's knowledge and legal acumen and that keeps a lot of wasted time off everyone's clock. No one explores for Orville's boundaries, they move straight to the position that they know they need to be in order to get a deal done. I'm still uncovering all the things from which our company has benefited through Orville's help. Orville Almon is a friend, a mentor and a very big asset in preserving the rights and legacy of our company.

Joey Elwood
Gotee Records/Emack Music Publishing

When doing contracts Orville Almon is the guy!

Tom Collins
Tom Collins Productions Inc.

Orville Almon is the best attorney named Orville I know.

Ben Vaughn
EMI Music Publishing

I am the founding member of the country group Lonestar, writer and owner of Living Big Music and Studio Works Productions. From our very first contract as a band, in 1994, Orville has represented the band and me personally in all things music. He is a true professional and always makes sure we get the best deal possible. His broad vision and attention to detail is what sets him apart from the rest. I'm also proud to call him a friend, which is hard to find in this business.

Dean Sams
Founding Member, Lonestar/Songwriter